Collab with ReOrder
Collab with ReOrder
sylenth1 sound design
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Melodic Techno 2.0 – ARTBAT Style

Unleash your creative potential with our exciting new Ableton Live Masterclass from Riyadh! In this exciting class, you’ll dive into the world of melodic techno and house as you produce a full track in the style of industry leaders ARRBAT, Anyma, and Camelphat. Perfect for both beginners and advanced producers, this masterclass is a unique opportunity to refine your technique and bring your musical vision to life. 

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to elevate your music production skills and take your tracks to the next level. 

Purchase now and join the community of thriving producers today!

What will you learn in this course:

  • How to produce full track start to finish
  • How to create and process the kick & bass
  • Create “analog” sounding synths
  • Easy track construction
  • How to make full, lush sound with less channels
  • Special tips & tricks to ease your work

This course is now available to view!


How To Make Melodic House/Techno

Melodic house or Melodic techno with producers such as Anyma, Artbat or Tinlicker are dominating the EDM industry right now and we are happy to bring you a live 2,5 hours masterclass where ReOrder will show you how to produce a professionally sounding industry standard track start to finish.

This course is now available to view

Lead Layering – How to stack Trance Leads

Learn how ReOrder makes his amazingly sounding lush leads filled with immense energy, crispy clear sound that sit well in the mix in this 1,5 hours masterclass. Learn the tips & tricks that will boost your music production skills instantly!

This course is now available to view

Sylenth1 Sound design with ReOrder

Next up on the Sound design series will be one of the most iconic synths that shaped the trance scene since released in 2006, the Lennar Digital Sylenth1.

This course is now available to view

Dune 3 Sound Design with MYR

Throughout this masterclass, we walk through building a complete track from the ground up using Dune 3 and stock Ableton Live effects. Using Dune, we create 18 different sounds, including leads, pads, plucks, basses, FX, and even percussion. Topics covered are MIDI programming, using the unison engine to create “huge” sounds, creating rhythmic patterns with the multi-segment envelope generator, filter routing, the FX engine, the arpeggiator, and the modulation matrix to create evolving, interesting sounds.

This course is now available to view


Do you want to collaborate with ReOrder and win 500€ worth of Private Lessons with ReOrder himself? Download the Live 11 Template Project, and finish the track! Yes, it is that easy! The deadline is August 31st, 2022. Let’s do this!

In this 2,5 hours masterclass ReOrder shows you how to produce an industry-standard uplifting trance single. You can look forward to seeing some of his top-secret tips and tricks on how to make music production easy and fun just as it should be.

This course is available to view


How to plan, promote and sell your music online? One of the crucial subjects nowadays is how to promote your self and your music online on social media.

ReOrder invited his friend Bohdan Fedor from Mystinsound.com who has years of experience working as marketing manager with many international brands to help you navigate trough scary world of socials media and show you how to be always on the top of everything when it comes to promoting yourself as musician!

This course will be available to view on May 20th